Boston Style Pizza

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3506 Waialae Ave.
               HAWAII KAI
6640 Hawaii Kai Dr.


Pizza QueenAt Hawaii's Boston Style Pizza, we make "Super Sized 19-inch, 3-pound Pizzas" in the proud Boston tradition.  Locally owned and operated, all we care about is making the best pizza in Hawaii. What's more, it's our desire that every single patron enjoy - and come back for - Boston's one-of-a-kind products and customer-first service. You'll find nothing but fresh, wholesome, natural ingredients in each and every pie. There are always a number of specials and unique creations featured, providing a new reason to return every day of the week. Known for our award winning superior pies, which are baked to order, Kaimukiís and Kaneoheís Boston Style Pizza were selected as top 100 restaurants in Hawaii. So quit drooling and go get a slice already! (Yes, our pizza is available by the slice, a quarter of a pie.) So come and try ďA Slice of ParadiseĒ.

(Kaimukiís Boston Pizza and Hawaii Kaiís Boston pizza are locally owned and operated and are not affiliated with Bostonís North End Pizza Bakery.)


April 6, 2014 - Honolulu Advertiser - Happiness Comes by the Slice at Kaimukiís Boston Pizza

February 3, 2013 - For some businesses, Super Bowl is a big sales day


At Hawaii's Boston Style Pizza our customers already know what a fantastic value our pizza is.  Bostonís serves the biggest and best pizza at the best price. It is true family value at a time when value is most important. For our first time customers here is a little price comparison chart so you truly understand the value you receive here at Bostonís. Bostonís Pizza is made using only the freshest ingredients and dough that is made fresh daily. Check out these comparisons.

A small Pizza Hut cheese pizza is $16.99

A Bostonís Cheese Slice, ľ of a 19Ē pie, is 25% larger than a small Pizza Hut Pizza is only $5.25

A medium Pizza Hut cheese pizza is $20.99

Two Bostonís Cheese slices is 40% larger then a medium Pizza Hut Pizza and is only $10.50

A Large Pizza Hut Pizza is 14Ē and sells for $25.99

Bostonís Pizza pies are 19Ē, almost 45% larger, and is only $20.95

An Extra Large Pizza Hut Pizza is 16Ē and sells for $28.99

Once again Bostonís pizza is bigger and sells for less at $20.95.

This is why Bostonís was once again voted ďBest of the Best, 1st PlaceĒ for ďBest Pizza in Hawaii.Ē